Venture Building: The Most Powerful Tool For Corporate Innovation

Contrary to what innovation labs do, Venture Building allows corporate entrepreneurship to be built from scratch, which represents an alternative for large corporations that wish to embrace innovation in earnest. Business innovation today goes beyond simply generating new value. In a competitive world and a dizzying revolution due to the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic, […]

Are Exponential Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

Combining neuroplasticity with the best tools and methodologies for entrepreneurship and innovation allows entrepreneurs to understand, retain and put everything they learn into practice. In 2010 we started experimenting and have evolved the way we train entrepreneurs in each cohort of venture building we teach, and in each case we have always done it differently. […]

Why EBELI Changes Everything…Again

This model translates academic research into the marketplace to solve real and relevant problems: Evidence Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation (EBELI). At 30, a young American decided to develop a methodology to help startups succeed. This methodology is based on management principles culled from the Lean manufacturing method of Kiichiro Toyoda, creator of what is […]

Developing & Selecting Talent In The Right Way

The study of successful companies has led to the identification of some practices that have proven to be effective in growing an organization in a structured manner. These practices will be discussed here. Many companies, even the most efficient ones, forget the importance of their employees and their need for development within the organization, as […]

Creativity & Innovation: Eight Attributes Essential To An Innovative Culture

For innovation to become part of the company’s culture, everyone must work to make it happen. Innovative attitudes must guide every decision made daily so that innovation itself becomes a fundamental part of the organization. Some years ago, Professor Edward de Bono, creator of “lateral thinking,” conducted a simple experiment among children and adults. He presented […]

If The World is Diverse, Why Aren’t Organizations And Decision Making Bodies Too?

More gender diversity in corporate leadership does not automatically translate into more profits, but when a company commits to diverse leadership, it starts to become more successful and the benefits will show. For centuries the world has experienced many cultural prejudices against the female gender; it was thought that a woman could not have the […]

Advantages of Equity and Challenges for Women in the Workplace

Companies need to recognize and reward women leaders who are driving progress. And they need to do the deep cultural work necessary to create a workplace where all women feel valued, and biases about their competence and authority are eliminated. The role of women in business and as participants in economic processes has increased progressively […]

Women in Venture Capital: An Impactful Deal

If we want to close wealth gaps and invest in startups in markets that will transform the world, we need more diversity in the teams that make investment decisions. Serious diversity will generate more money, which will permeate the startups, the community in which they are, and the region. In the 21st century, there is […]

​​Women Entrepreneurship: A Pathway to Abundance

Data published by the U.S. Census Bureau, Dow Jones, Harvard Business Review, and other studies show that: women-owned businesses generate significantly higher revenues and create significantly more jobs than male-owned businesses. Not everything has been bad as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Confinement, working at home, the cancellation of some jobs, and the closing […]

Venture Capital In Technology Ventures

Entrepreneurship is about making a life-long plan that has a positive impact on society. True wealth requires the creation of lasting value, which requires integrity and ethics. A “disruptor” is someone who creates a product, service, or way of doing things that initially displaces and then replaces the market leader. These are entrepreneurs with creativity […]