The Global Responsibility of Exponential Organizations

The technological advances that have been developed as a result of this Fourth Industrial Revolution present a window of opportunity for states and international organizations to address global problems in a much more effective and coordinated manner. A new business scenario is emerging in the world thanks, among other factors, to technological advances and the […]

Work as Necessary as Rest

Achieving balance involves challenging the beliefs you have lived by, especially the “have to” (be available, be present, multiply, etc.). When the “have to” becomes present in your life, you begin to live according to the agenda of others, not your own. There is no doubt that the path of entrepreneurship is a long one […]

Mythological Unicorns or Real Zebras?

Zebras are the beginning of a new business world that places financial wealth on the same level as natural, human, and social wealth; a world that cares for all stakeholders, including nature, by moving away from material consumption and closer to wealth generated through holistic human well-being. The idea of starting and growing a successful […]

Innovation and the Corporate Immune System

In this era of disruptive innovation, especially if we consider that since 2000, 52% of the Fortune 500 companies have gone bankrupt, were sold or simply ceased to exist due to digital disruption and, according to Harvard Business Review, 75% of Standard & Poor’s companies will be replaced by 2027. Let’s think about innovation and […]

The Purpose is Not The Same as a Mission

Purpose-driven plans differ from traditional business plans: they begin with a statement of purpose rather than a business or career objective, and they take a holistic view of professional and personal life rather than ignoring the fact that you have a family or outside interests and commitments. For some years now, many companies around the […]

I’m in Venture Capital. What Should I Look For?

Venture capital indeed fills a gap in finance because, when you have a company with great potential that requires a large amount of money to grow, banks primarily lend money based on actual financial data and not on possibility. Anyone who believes that in Silicon Valley, there are no second chances need only look at […]

The Best Age Not to Fail

Elon Musk said that in ventures, there are times when it is better to stop when there is something wrong. That is what failures do: generate a pause to analyze what you are doing and consider whether you need to make changes, continue as you are going, or give up. The success achieved by many […]

Support Systems and The Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be an isolating experience, with feelings of misunderstanding or alienation. But it doesn’t have to be. Taking risks and disrupting the status quo is something everyone should do in business, but you have to make sure you have others along for the ride. A concept that is frequently expressed in the […]

Zero Hunger: The Big AgTech Opportunity

People experiencing moderate food insecurity often cannot eat a healthy, balanced diet due to income or other resource constraints. If these trends continue, an estimated 840 million people will be hungry by 2030. A global problem, which the UN has identified as one of the millennium goals, can only be addressed through investments in technology […]

Health & Wellness, an Opportunity of US$6.75 Trillion

Universal health coverage will be achieved if properly implemented, meeting the demand for primary care for all. Causal analyses of 153 countries reveal increased health coverage improves access to needed care and the population’s health, with the poorest benefiting the most. Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential for sustainable development. […]