The Exponential Entrepreneur: What it Really Takes

About 75 percent of the companies that start fail after two years, and only 25 percent manage to survive, which is based on the fact that, although a venture starts from an innovative idea, the lack of managerial, financial, and commercial skills leads to failure. Human beings face different fears throughout their lives, some of […]

Startup: A Decision Based on Growth

While the startup seeks to disrupt the market with a scalable and impactful business plan, the small business owner wants to be their boss and secure a place in the local market. One issue that creates confusion among those who want to venture into starting their own business is the definition based on the project’s […]

Work as Necessary as Rest

Achieving balance involves challenging the beliefs you have lived by, especially the “have to” (be available, be present, multiply, etc.). When the “have to” becomes present in your life, you begin to live according to the agenda of others, not your own. There is no doubt that the path of entrepreneurship is a long one […]

The Best Age Not to Fail

Elon Musk said that in ventures, there are times when it is better to stop when there is something wrong. That is what failures do: generate a pause to analyze what you are doing and consider whether you need to make changes, continue as you are going, or give up. The success achieved by many […]

Support Systems and The Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be an isolating experience, with feelings of misunderstanding or alienation. But it doesn’t have to be. Taking risks and disrupting the status quo is something everyone should do in business, but you have to make sure you have others along for the ride. A concept that is frequently expressed in the […]