Venture Building: The Most Powerful Tool For Corporate Innovation

Contrary to what innovation labs do, Venture Building allows corporate entrepreneurship to be built from scratch, which represents an alternative for large corporations that wish to embrace innovation in earnest. Business innovation today goes beyond simply generating new value. In a competitive world and a dizzying revolution due to the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic, […]

Are Exponential Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

Combining neuroplasticity with the best tools and methodologies for entrepreneurship and innovation allows entrepreneurs to understand, retain and put everything they learn into practice. In 2010 we started experimenting and have evolved the way we train entrepreneurs in each cohort of venture building we teach, and in each case we have always done it differently. […]

Venture Capital In Technology Ventures

Entrepreneurship is about making a life-long plan that has a positive impact on society. True wealth requires the creation of lasting value, which requires integrity and ethics. A “disruptor” is someone who creates a product, service, or way of doing things that initially displaces and then replaces the market leader. These are entrepreneurs with creativity […]

Tech Entrepreneurship that Changes the World

The changes are impacting the transformation of the traditional economy to one that is increasingly dependent on intellectual capital and individual skills, thanks to the rapid expansion of knowledge and the growing reliance on computerization, big data analytics, and automation. The world is changing rapidly, thanks primarily to science and technology. A clear proof of […]

Corporate Venture Building, The Best Option for Entrepreneurship

As the world moves at an accelerated pace, corporations must be able to innovate at even faster speeds to anticipate market changes. The ideas must be generated and implemented at breakneck speed, and the old model of trying to innovate internally can no longer keep pace. Increasingly, companies worldwide are facing pressures generated by competition […]