Creativity & Innovation: Eight Attributes Essential To An Innovative Culture

For innovation to become part of the company’s culture, everyone must work to make it happen. Innovative attitudes must guide every decision made daily so that innovation itself becomes a fundamental part of the organization. Some years ago, Professor Edward de Bono, creator of “lateral thinking,” conducted a simple experiment among children and adults. He presented […]

Conquering the Future: How Latin America’s Deep Tech is Transforming the World Investors who seize the opportunity presented by Latin America’s Tech ecosystem, which is expected to reach more than $2 trillion by 2030, could be at the forefront of transforming the world through revolutionary technologies in climate action, healthcare, and infrastructure. With technological development, […]

Beyond the Moon: Applying Apollo Project Strategies to Today’s Challenges

Mariana Mazzucato believes governments should adopt a “mission-driven approach” like the Apollo Project, with ambitious leadership and collaboration, to tackle challenges like climate change, making capitalism more inclusive and innovation-focused in the knowledge economy era. Nearly six decades ago, then-President Kennedy delivered the famous “moon shot” speech that led to the Apollo Project that took […]

Unlocking Global Markets Through Reverse Innovation

Discover how ‘Reverse Innovation’ is revolutionizing global accessibility to cutting-edge technologies, creating affordable solutions for emerging markets while challenging industry norms and expanding opportunities for multinational companies. Cutting-edge innovations have traditionally been developed in high-income countries, limiting their global accessibility due to the challenges of affordability in developing nations. However, a transformative trend called “Reverse […]