HackX: What’s New in Entrepreneurship for Global Problem Solving

HackX is a system that seeks to return to that nature where curiosity and discomfort with the status quo are sought to solve in ten years through collaboration, with the Sustainable Development Goals. In a famous letter addressed to Ludovico Sforza (The Moor), Leonardo da Vinci presents himself as someone capable of building an infinite […]

Relevance of Higher Education in Entrepreneurship

The OECD analysis revealed that one in four Latin Americans is between 15 and 29 years old and that two out of ten of them “work” in the informal sector, and the rest neither work nor study nor receive any kind of training. University education has gone from being a necessity for professional growth to […]

Corporate Accelerators and Their Advantage

In the digital era, technology has been democratized. A small Startup can access as much computing power as a large multinational through Amazon Web Services. Thanks to it, it has been possible to create, at great speed, essential companies for the future of all industries. The advent of disruptive technologies has produced a discrepancy between […]